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Robin Hood Mounted Archery Clinic

From Saturday 19 May 2018
To Monday 21 May 2018

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Thumb Release Archery Clinic - Saturday

Previous archery experience is not a requirement. You must attend this day to be allowed to participate in the mounted archery portion.

This clinic is being held as an introduction to the “thumb release” method of shooting. Also called the Mongolian release it was, and still is, widely used in the orient by nomadic Steppe tribes, and in eastern European cultures. The thumb release will be taught by using a series of ground exercises meant to simulate mounted archery but with the focus being teaching students a strong foundation in the fundamentals of this technique. By the end of the day students will be shooting stationary and moving targets while handling multiple arrows.

The training will focus on the individual skill level of each student taking into account any previous archery experiences they may, or may not, have.

Mounted Archery Clinic - Sunday & Monday

Previous archery experience is not a requirement, previous riding experience is.

Students must be able to demonstrate control at the walk, trot and canter with an independent seat.

Mounted Archery students will be required to attend the Thumb Release Clinic held the day before. The clinic will conclude with a short mounted archery competition for the students.

The training to shoot from the saddle will focus on the individual skill level of each student and their horse with archery exercises taking place both on the ground and while mounted. The clinic is organized so that both the rider and horse will gain confidence in this new skill over the course of a few days in a safe and supportive format.


You are welcome to stable your horse on property for an added stall fee.

If you do not have your own horse you are welcome to borrow one of our horses for an added rental fee.


Clinic Schedule

Students will be training 5 to 6 hours a day and should arrive 10 to 15 minutes before training is scheduled to begin for ground archery. For mounted archery, students are expected to be mounted up by the scheduled times listed.

Friday: Students may choose to arrive, especially those arriving with horses.

Saturday – Thumb Release Clinic

9:00 am: Assessment of students’ archery skills, (if needed), introduction to the thumb release and training for the remainder of the morning.

12:00 pm: POTLUCK LUNCH (please contribute)

2:00 pm: Training until 4 or 5 pm

Evening: Assessment of riding skills and student’s horses for the mounted archery clinic. Introducing the student’s horses to the bow.

Sunday – Mounted Archery Clinic

9:00 am: Brief refresher on the thumb release, after which we will begin, mounted training

12:00 pm: POTLUCK LUNCH (please contribute)

2:00 pm: Training resumes until 4 or 5 pm

Monday - Mounted Archery Clinic

2:00 pm: Mounted Archery Competition



Bow and Arrows

A collection of bows and arrows will be supplied to students for shared use to educate students on what a good bow suitable for mounted archery feels like.

DO NOT buy a bow marketed as a “horse bow” specifically for this clinic.

If you have a bow the following are guidelines for whether of not it is suitable for the clinic:

- Bows cannot be compound nor have a mechanical trigger;

- Longbows or bows with an arrow shelf aren’t recommended however they can be used for the clinic.

- We suggest a bow that will accommodate an over-draw with a range of between 20 to 40 pounds that won’t overly tire a student over the course of the clinic is easily maneuverable around a horse, and suits the size and strength of the student.

- Economy fiberglass recurve bows that are available at most archery stores and Canadian Tire are serviceable for training.

Arrows must be tipped with field points and can be aluminum, fiberglass, wood or carbon with feather fletching; vanes are not suitable.


Saddles can be of any variety, western, dressage, jumping etc so long as it fits the horse correctly, stirrups should accommodate being raised a hole or two higher than usual. Any type of

bridle will be fine so long as the reins are closed with a buckle or can be knotted together at the ends.


It’s recommended that students bring a pair of light leather gloves to reduce the chance of “fletch burn on the bow hand (left hand). We will be provided with a “thumb sock”, a protective covering for the right hand thumb, to reduce the wear it will see over the course of the clinic.

Location : Honora Bay Riding Stable
Contact : 705.368.6032


Additional Info: 
Deposits for clinics are nonrefundable.

Students will be mindful and respectful of others attending the clinic, the property of Honora Bay Riding Stable, and the safety codes as laid out by the clinician and the property owners. We wish this to be a positive, fun and educational experience for everyone; however clinic instructor has full authority to dismiss a student from training for any unsafe, inappropriate, or disruptive behavior.