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Ontario Trail Rides

Experience Manitoulin Island on Horseback!
Our guided Ontario Trail Rides take you through some of Manitoulin Island's most stunning scenery - aboard one of our well-trained horses. Whether you wish to take a gentle and relaxing ride through quiet woods or would like a more challenging ride through open fields and narrow pathways, Honora Bay offers the trail for you.

Our experienced trail guides will match you with the perfect horse - according to your riding experience and sure to give you a most enjoyable ride. And, if you are feeling very adventurous, we also offer overnight cowboy adventures!





Trail Riding in Northern Ontario

Trail Guidelines

To ensure your safety and enjoyment while on our trail rides, Honora Bay Riding Stable observes the following rules:
  • All of our riders must wear approved riding helmets, which we provide, and closed toed shoes. 
  • Long, non-slippery pants such as jeans and a comfortable t-shirt or sweater, depending on the weather, are also recommended. 
  • Purses and other large or baggy items cannot be carried on the horse as they may restrict your ability to ride. Small cameras are fine to bring as long as they are not hung around your neck. Please ask your guide about the best way to carry your belongings.
  • All riders must be over the age of 8 for trail rides (except pony rides, which are suitable for all ages) and must be able to control their own horse.
Your trail guide will give you instructions on how to ride, so that both you and your horse will have an enjoyable trail ride.

Our experienced guides also carry first aid kits and cell phones for your safety on every ride.






Trail Ride rates depend on the duration of the ride; from $40 (1 hour ride) to $300 (overnight adventure) all of our prices include HST. Please refer to our Main Menu for more information on each ride.

Please note that we accept cash only for all trail rides.